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We are Testing Engineers !!

Testing, Commissioning & Condition Monitoring of Switchyard up to 765 KV Class

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Welcome to Akron Energy Private Limited

We are Testing Engineers !!



AKRON® ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED is a one of the prominent companies in India who provides Absolute & Professional Testing, Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and NABL Calibration services to Indian Power Companies. Our Reach, uncompromised commitments, best of instruments from globe and Experienced Engineers makes our services most reliable and saved lots of unwanted breakdown in substation equipment. Our more than 17 years of experience in the field of testing & Condition Monitoring of substation, we have worked with almost all Power System OEMs, EPC Companies, Generation, Transmission and Distribution utilities, Wind and Solar Plants, Oil & Gas PSUs and many Industries up to 765 KV Class system.

Our instruments are from OMICRON- Austria, Megger-Germany, Fluke- UK, FLIR-USA, DVPower-SPAIN, Kyoritsu- JAPAN, WIKA- Germany, PDIC- USA, OHV Diagnostic- Germany, IPEC- UK, CREST- India etc. with unmatchable reliable results helps us to allowing in-depth analysis according to International Standards.

Commissioning and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

We provide complete Maintenance & commissioning tests for the Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, CTs, PTs , CVTs , Isolators and all Switchyard equipment. Our Technical Experienced and Professional Engineers are very much understanding the importance and criticalities of power equipments & we make sure that all power equipment properly Commissioned with respect to FAT and SAT. Our SOPs are clearly defined for each equipment, So we ensure that there is no chance of deviations during commissioning. We have Commissioned more that 1500 Transformers with various rating starts from few KVA to 1200 MVAs, Circuit Breakers from 6.6 KV to 765 KV class and CTs, PTs and CVTs up to 765 KV class with Advanced Commissioning instruments, 400 KV GIS Substations and Control and Relay Panels.

Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Tests

Condition Monitoring is not a new word for Indian Power utilities. it is one of the most critical part of tests to assess condition of Power Equipment. Today, No Power Sector company can afford breakdown due to equipment failure and hence Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis tests plays vital role to check the healthiness of substation assets. Our Engineers are experienced and well qualified to do analysis of test results and give technical support in any level to find root cause of problem. We are using world’s best & latest testing equipment as per IEC, IEEE, CIGRE Standards for the reliable test results.

We can provide Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis tests to following equipments:

  1. Power Transformers
  2. Circuit Breakers
  3. Instrument Transformers
  4. Cables
  5. Switchgears
  6. GIS Substations
  7. Power Quality Analysis

Protection and Relay Co-Ordination

Power system protection is a Core Area of Power System and We ensure that it operates when it is needed. We have latest Three Phase and Single Phase Relay testing equipments with Advanced Softwares to check all the conditions of faults.

We have OMICRON, Megger make Three Phase Relay test systems to tests any Protection Relays like Distance, Differential, Generator Protection, Directional Over current or any other protection available in Control and Relay Panels.

Relay Co Ordination is most and critical subject in any industry. Relay protection must obey selectivity principle, so that it will operate immediately to inline fault. but due to various reasons, our relay settings are not based on load and fault conditions and it trips on outzone faults. We study the complete plant and by using Advanced eTAP software, we make sure that All Relay settings will follow all basic principles of Protections.

We also have an experienced team for the Harmonic Analysis as per global IEEE Standards mainly for the Wind & Solar Power Plants

Most Advanced Diagnosis Instruments

Our Thrive to provide our best services with best and latest technologies. We are proud to use industries best instruments to assess critical power assets. We have following tests and Measurement Instruments:

  1. Advanced Three Phase Transformer Test Kit TESTRANO 600, OMICRON Make
  2. C & Tan delta Instrument – OMICRON and Megger Make
  3. Advanced CT Analyzer – OMICRON Make
  4. Advanced PT Analyzer – OMICRON Make
  5. Three Phase Relay test Kit – OMICRON make
  6. Advanced SF6 Gas Analyzer with Dew Point, SO2 and Purity Measurement
  7. Cable PD Test Set – OHV Diagnostic, Germany
  8. Switchgear PD Analyzer – iPEC make
  9. Battery Capacity tester – DVPower
  10. Circuit Breaker Analyzer
  11. Power Quality Analyzer
  12. and Many More ….

Advanced NABL Calibration and Testing Laboratory

Our Most Advanced fully digitized NABL approved Calibration Laboratory for the Electro Technical calibration & Testing discipline. We can calibrate Three Phase Relay test kit, Capacitance and Tan delta kit, Timing, CRM, DCRM, Thermal camera, Multimeter, Clamp On Meter, Insulation tester, Leakage tester, Winding Resistance Meter. Earth Tester, HV AC/DC tester, Resistance Meter, Battery Analyzer. All meters are Calibrated with World’s best Master instruments.

We are accredited for the 3- Phase Energy Meter Calibration from 0.2S class ABT to Class 1 multi function energy meters. Calibration can be done at ON-SITE or in LAB as per client requirement. We can do the calibration with Online or Offline mode.

We are also proud to annouce that We are now Onsite NABL Accredited for the Metering CTs & PTs up 220 KV System & up to 0.2S accuracy class.

” We are ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company “

For Providing Better, Efficient and Timely services to our esteemed customers in PAN India, we have Branch offices at Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai & Udaipur, Rajasthan.