Our Services

Power Transformer

  • Capacitance & Tan delta Measurement with Sweep Frequency
  • SFRA ( Sweep Frequency Response ) 
  • Advanced Three Phase Turns Ratio Measurement
  • Winding Resistance Measurement up to 100 A
  • Dielectric Frequency Response Analysis
  • Demagnetization
  • Short-Circuit Impedance / Leakage Reactance
  • Frequency Response of Stray Losses
  • OLTC Scan / Dynamic Resistance (DRM)
  • Vector Group Check
  • Cooldown Test
  • Power Losses at Low Voltages
  • Partial Discharge Measurement with UHF and Acoustic Method

Circuit Breakers

  • Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement(DCRM)
  • Timing and Bounces of Main & PIR Contacts
  • Static Contact Resistance Measurement
  • Coil Resistance / Current Measurement
  • Mechanism Travel Measurement
  • SF6 Dew Point, Purity and SO2 Measurement
  • Partial Discharge Measurement of Switchgears
  • VCB/ACB Maintenance, Servicing and Health Assessment

Instrument Transformers

with Advanced CT Analyzer and PT/CVT Analyzer

  • C & Tan Delta Measurement – Power/dissipation factor and capacitance measurements are performed to investigate the insulation of CTs.
  • Ratio and phase accuracy test as per 60044 with different Burden
  • Winding resistance measurement with 75-degree correction
  • Excitation characteristics (knee points)
  • Composite errors (ALF, ALFi, FS, FSi, Vb)
  • Burden impedance measurement
  • Partial Discharge Measurement
  • Insulation Resistance measurement

Protection Panels

  • Engineering and Design of Panels
  • Relay Testing with Three Phase and Single Phase Instrument ( Omicron/Megger)
  • Relay Co Ordination with Advanced eTAP Software
  • Scheme and Bus Bar Checking
  • Logic Testing
  • Load Flow Studies
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Partial Discharge Measurement

Battery Capacity Tests

The capacity test is carried out following the battery testing standards: IEEE 450-2010, IEEE 1188-2005, IEEE 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22, and other relevant standards.

We can do with following discharge modes:

  • Constant current,
  • Constant power,
  • Constant resistance

Earth Adequacy and Lightnining Protection Adequacy Studies

We have carried out Earth Adequacy in more than 37 Substations up to 400 KV and Industries. We follow the IEEE 80/81, CIGRE and EN 50522 standards.

We are doing following methods in Earth Adequacy Study:

  1. Riser Integrity
  2. Grid Integrity
  3. Ground Potential Rise (GPR)
  4. Step & Touch Potential Measurement

We can do Complete Health Assessment and Audit of Eathing system of Existing Plants.

For Lighting Protection we follow below modes:

  1. General Assessment
  2. Risk Management
  3. Physical Damage to Structures and Life Hazard
  4. Electric and Electronics systems within structures
  5. Health Assessment and Audit, Testing of existing LPS.

Power Quality Measurement

Power Quality is a most crucial part of industries. Due to VFDs, LEDs and non linear Electronic Loads quality of power deteriorates with greater extent. Poor quality of Power threats to lot of other critical equipments and failure of electronic cards of machines.

We study Power Quality with Industries best Class A compliance instrument and will give complete solution to mitigate harmonic issues with using different softwares and Calculations.

We have carried out Power Quality in more than 324 plants in various industries.

Partial Discharge Measurements

We can do the partial Discharge in following equipments:

  1. Switchgears
  2. Power Transformers with UHF and Acoustic Methods
  3. Cables up to 33 KV Class with Pin-Pointing
  4. Substation Equipments
  5. GIS Substations

Our Portfolios also included

  • Complete Maintenance of Switchyard up to 220 KV Class
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Battery Maintenance, Reconditioning & Testing
  • Emergency & Breakdown Testing Services
  • Cable Diagnostic tests
  • Expert Lectures & Trainings

We Believe….

We better understand critical situation of plant due to breakdown and hence Our specialised services are available through out 24 X 7 and 365 days to cater any kind of Emergency Situation.