About Us

AKRON® ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED is a one of the prominent companies in India who provides Absolute & Professional Testing, Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and NABL Calibration services to Indian Power Sectors. Our Reach, uncompromised commitments, best of instruments from globe and Experienced Engineers makes our services most reliable and saved lots of unwanted breakdown in substation equipment. Our more than 16 years of experience in the field of testing & Condition Monitoring of substation, we have worked with almost all Power System OEMs, EPC Companies, Generation, Transmission and Distribution utilities, Wind and Solar Plants, Oil & Gas PSUs and many Industries up to 765 KV Class system. Our instruments are from OMICRON- Austria, Megger-Germany, Fluke- UK, FLIR-USA, DVPower-SPAIN, Kyoritsu- JAPAN, WIKA- Germany, PDIC- USA, OHV Diagnostic- Germany, IPEC- UK, CREST- India etc. with unmatchable reliable results helps us to allowing in-depth analysis according to International Standards.

Our Expertise are in

  • Design and Engineering of Electrical System
  • Complete Testing, Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Switchyard up to 765 KV Class.
  • Complete Maintenance, Servicing and Testing of VCBs and ACBs.
  • Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement with Interpretation of Test Results.
  • Relay Testing, Relay Co-ordination with Three Phase Advanced Omicron & eTAP Software.
  • Power Quality Measurement of Solar & Wind Plants & Power Quality Solutions
  • Complete Assessment, Improvement and Life Enhancement of Solar Power Plant
  • Cable PD, Tan Delta Diagnosis and Testing
  • Test & Measuring Products (Excusive Channel Partner of Kyoritsu, Japan)
  • Partial Discharge Measurement of Cable, Switchgears, Transformers and GIS Substations
  • Test Instruments on RENT
  • NABL Calibration of Electrical Measuring Instruments (Onsite and LAB)
  • NABL Testing and Calibration of Onsite Metering CT/PT/ABT Meter Calibration 0.2S class and up to 220 KV System
  • PV Inverter Diagnosis
  • GAP Analysis & Electrical Safety Audit of Electrical System
  • Diagnosis, Repair of Electrical Testing Instruments
  • Battery Diagnosis and Capacity tests
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Earthing Adequacy Study
  • Lightening Arrester Adequacy Study

We provide customers easy access to our services in a quick and stipulated time, thereby ensuring consistent Performance and timely execution. We have latest diagnostic testing equipment to give not only quality testing results but identify the unhealthiness of equipments. We have worked with India’s major Generation, Transmission , EPC Contractors, OEMs for Testing , Commissioning and Condition Monitoring of Transformer , Switchyard and Power Equipments. We provide  services from “ LA to Relay Concept ” and hence truly makes one stop solution of power equipments.

Our Strength

  • Dedicated technically Trained & Experienced ENGINEERS
  • Latest Testing & Diagnostic Instruments for Transformers, Circuit Breaker, Instrument Transformers, Relays, Isolators, Lightening Arrestors etc
  • Commissioned and tested More than 1,500 Transformers &  Reactors rating of 765 KV, 400KV, 220 KV and 66 KV Class.
  • Commissioned and tested more than 3500 Circuit  Breakers of 765 KV, 400 KV, 220 and 66 KV Class.
  • More than 17 years of Experience in the field of Testing , Commissioning, Diagnostic & Condition Monitoring of Substations, Power Equipment, HV , MV Cables, System Studies and GAP Analysis
  • Offices Located Centrally for the better, efficient and Timely services, Offices in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Udaipur, Rajasthan.